Molly Doherty

Daniel is the proud uncle of Molly Doherty who was born on Tuesday 5th September at 2:45pm. Daniel and I visited yesterday (Saturday) as she had just arrived home from the hospital. Daniel was a very proud uncle and loved holding her. No – Dan’s not scared… he’s making faces at his niece! See – […]

Goodbye to Huy

Left to Right: Jen Schabel, Heidi Robertson, Amy Cook, Alison Schabel, myself and Huy Tran at Huy’s farewell BBQ. Yes, we all managed to cram into the small confined space of the play equipment – the fun part was all getting ourselves out with dignity with many digital cameras in video mode capturing every movement! […]

Central Queensland University

I just thought I’d write a bit about where I am currently employed. I love and loath getting asked about where I work. I love seeing the puzzled looks on peoples faces as they comprehend how I can be living in Sydney yet working at Central Queensland University. I had never heard of CQU – […]

In shock

Today I feel very far away from my home town of Smithton in NW Tasmania. I’ve just been reading about the fatal car crash near Burnie that happened yesterday morning. I didn’t personally know any of the girls killed, but was in the same class as Andrew Gourley throughout my schooling at Smithton High School. […]