2007 in Summary

What a year! 2007 started like any other year, but ended up being quite eventful. In January, Daniel and I celebrated our first year together by spending a day on and around Sydney harbour enjoying the sights and ending the day star gazing at the Observatory. It was a relaxing and wonderful way to celebrate […]

Refreshed and Retrenched

After taking the Monday off to catch up on some much needed sleep and to recover from jet-lag it was back to work at CQU. This state of ‘normalcy’ did not last long as CQU announced on the Wednesday that they were combining their two campuses in Sydney thus causing redundancies. Client Services wasn’t affected […]

Cornish Pastimes

It’s been so long since I’ve updated you all on what’s been happening since Poland. The final couple of days of my European holiday was spent catching up with Dave & Heidi in the UK. I was so glad to be back in a country where English as spoken. I left Aunty Janice in Poland […]

August Adventures – Auschwitz

Saturday 18th August Went on an outing to Auschwitz today to visit the memorial and museum. Auschwitz I – this is the building that contained the first crematorium and gas chamber. The crematorium functioned from August 1940 until July 1943. Up to 340 corpses per day could be cremated here. This was the smallest of […]