Shortly we are expecting the arrival of another member of our family. We are looking forwards to this time, but also a little worried. What will we call this new one? Will it be another girl or a boy? How will Eliza cope with a newborn – judging by the rough treatment she give her […]

Eliza Grace Fragar

Eliza arrived at 19:02 on April 13, 2009. She was born at Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg, Victoria. She weighed 3.710 kgs (8 lb 3oz) and was 55cm long (although we think this may have been measured inaccurately and really 51cm long).

Ultrasound 2

We had another scan at 19 weeks where the technician looks for lots of abnormalities and defects. They tried to give us a look at the foetus’ face, but no luck as shyness set in. This scan was performed at COGUS in Bulleen, Victoria. Download (100MB AVI).

Ultrasound 1

Priscilla and I had a scan at 13 weeks to check that our foetus was growing okay. Here it is — apologies for the lack of sound or commentary. The results were all good, in case you were worried. This ultrasound was performed at Dr Max Hardy clinic at Ringwood, Victoria. Download (43MB AVI).