Sheep dog

I have one other toy that I love to play with – “Sheep” Sheep looks a bit grubby now but she used to be a nice fluffy white toy. As you can see I like to play with her heaps. I think I like her because she is just a little bit smaller than me […]


I have a few other toys but coming a close second to Tinka is “Pup”. Priscilla bought Pup in Adelaide when she went there on holidays last year for my 2nd birthday. I love Pup – he’s very soft and the same size as Tinka so is very easy to carry around. I’m a very […]


I’d like to introduce you to my favourite toy – Tinka. Tinka was my first ever toy. Actually, Priscilla bought Tinka even before she bought me. Priscilla originally wanted to buy a kitten, but I stole her heart. Instead she bought a toy kitten for me. When I was little we were nearly the same […]

Bad hair days

Don’t you hate it when you have no control of how your hair is cut? I do. I have had many various hair styles in my recent years that I am not proud of. Here is one of my worst hair cuts ever! taken in July 2005… Then in November 2005 my hair style took […]