I realised I never updated the previous post, which is probably says how busy we’ve been since then. Patrick Gordon Fragar arrived 3 months ago now and has made life busier than ever. Eliza has been great with him and continues to grow & learn into a lovely little girl. Christmas was good and we […]

Trip to Tasmania

In June we popped over to Tasmania for the long weekend so Priscilla and Eliza could see their relatives. A challenging trip but we pulled through OK. Priscilla’s family is from Smithton and Montagu in the NW corner of the state. Lots of dairy farms in the area but the coffee was a bit hit […]

Eliza Grace Fragar

Eliza arrived at 19:02 on April 13, 2009. She was born at Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg, Victoria. She weighed 3.710 kgs (8 lb 3oz) and was 55cm long (although we think this may have been measured inaccurately and really 51cm long).