I realised I never updated the previous post, which is probably says how busy we’ve been since then. Patrick Gordon Fragar arrived 3 months ago now and has made life busier than ever. Eliza has been great with him and continues to grow & learn into a lovely little girl. Christmas was good and we […]

Chocolate Cheesecake Truffles

200g dark chocolate, chopped 250g cream cheese ΒΌ cup icing sugar, sifted 1 tablespoon Irish Cream Liqueur 1 x 200g pkt Tim Tam biscuits, crushed Place chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, cook on High Power for 40 seconds, stir, cook another 30 seconds, stir until chocolate has melted, cool. Beat cream cheese and icing […]

Trip to Tasmania

In June we popped over to Tasmania for the long weekend so Priscilla and Eliza could see their relatives. A challenging trip but we pulled through OK. Priscilla’s family is from Smithton and Montagu in the NW corner of the state. Lots of dairy farms in the area but the coffee was a bit hit […]


….and the weather is hot. Priscilla is struggling a bit in the heat and we haven’t figured out a good place to go swimming yet. Plus all the visitors we’ve had have meant that when we are by ourselves we end up just flaking out at home. Here’s a recent photo of our family: Foods […]

Ultrasound 2

We had another scan at 19 weeks where the technician looks for lots of abnormalities and defects. They tried to give us a look at the foetus’ face, but no luck as shyness set in. This scan was performed at COGUS in Bulleen, Victoria. Download (100MB AVI).

Ultrasound 1

Priscilla and I had a scan at 13 weeks to check that our foetus was growing okay. Here it is — apologies for the lack of sound or commentary. The results were all good, in case you were worried. This ultrasound was performed at Dr Max Hardy clinic at Ringwood, Victoria. Download (43MB AVI).