….and the weather is hot. Priscilla is struggling a bit in the heat and we haven’t figured out a good place to go swimming yet. Plus all the visitors we’ve had have meant that when we are by ourselves we end up just flaking out at home.

Here’s a recent photo of our family:

Foods we’ve been enjoying recently:
Priscilla – icy poles, tropical splits, magnums, bulla double-choc crunch
Daniel – thick bone-in ribeye steak, salami on fresh bread rolls

Also, Priscilla has bought me a proper coffee grinder for my birthday. It makes a big difference and my morning coffee is pretty enjoyable right now.

We are going to antenatal classes right now which are pretty scary, but it is good to go through it with a bunch of people all at the same stage as you.

Anyway, just thought you might all like an update. Only 7 weeks until the Formula 1 season starts (Priscilla is looking forwards to late March, early April for some reason).

Also, here’s one of the possums that live near us. We have counted at least 4 possums that live on our block – not sure why there’s so many, but at least they don’t live in our roof any more.

A shot towards the north after bushfires on Sunday: