Refreshed and Retrenched

After taking the Monday off to catch up on some much needed sleep and to recover from jet-lag it was back to work at CQU.

This state of ‘normalcy’ did not last long as CQU announced on the Wednesday that they were combining their two campuses in Sydney thus causing redundancies.

Client Services wasn’t affected in these redundancies but we were all offered voluntary redundancies which were very enticing.

So, feeling very refreshed after a much-needed time away I was now unemployed and looking for another job.

Thankfully the job hunting didn’t last too long. I got offered a few jobs but ended up working for Anglican Youthworks. My official title (at the moment) is Donor Relation and Database Administrator.

Joining Youthworks just as they were heading into the Christmas Appeal was a bit of a shock and a very fast learning curve. But, now as it all starts to settle down I am becoming a bit more confident in my role.

My big project at the moment if figuring out how to get online donations up and running. Any ideas/suggestions are most welcome!