Cornish Pastimes

It’s been so long since I’ve updated you all on what’s been happening since Poland. The final couple of days of my European holiday was spent catching up with Dave & Heidi in the UK. I was so glad to be back in a country where English as spoken.

I left Aunty Janice in Poland and flew to London on the 20th August. Dave had planned ahead and booked two buses for me to get from London to Bristol and had allowed what we thought was ample time (about 2 hours) in between my flight landing and the bus leaving the airport.

Panic began to set in when my flight was delayed, there were long queues at Customs and to top it all off our luggage was a long time in coming. I thought I’d use my time wisely whilst waiting and check out where I needed to head for the bus. I finally grabbed my luggage at 12.55pm (my bus was due to depart at 1pm) and ran towards where I was directed, only to find that it was the wrong depot.

I was quite tired, and now desperate to find my bus. I asked one of the airport staff if he could help me – unfortunately he was more interested in being sarcastic than helpful but after a disapproving look from me realised that I wasn’t in the mood for it and pointed me in the right direction.

I finally reached my bus (which was fortunately still there but ready to leave). It was full with people standing around ready to wait for the next bus. I pushed my way to the front of the line and showed them my 2 connecting bus tickets. I think they felt sorry for me in my desperate state and thankfully let me on the bus. I was thankful to them and now settled on the bus I wondered what the outcome would have been if I was in a non-English speaking country.

Thankfully the rest of the bus journey was non-eventful and it was wonderful to see familiar faces in Bristol.

The next few days were spent driving around Cornwall where my family originated from.

The roads were extremely narrow and I was constantly amazed at how two cars managed to squeeze past each other.

Dave, Heidi and I jammed a lot into 3 days – we went to a Seal Sanctuary, a theatre built into the natural landscape, a tour of Stonehenge – awesome, and to top it off we had Cornish Pasties in Cornwall.

Heidi had her birthday whilst I was with them and so as a surprise we organised for Alison to join us for a small birthday celebration before Alison joined me on the journey back to London.

It was great to see where Alison is going to be living for the next little while and to spend a day with her discovering some of the sights of London. I felt like I was on a monopoly board more than anything!

Then it was farewell to all and a lllooooonnnngg journey back to Australia with not much sleep on the plane.

In Singapore I spent my time doing the airport Suduko challenge – which I came second! A pretty good effort considering how long I had been travelling for without much sleep.

I was very glad to arrive back in Australia and my own bed.