August Adventures – Polish Princesses

Wednesday 15th – Sunday 19th August

Early Wednesday morning (at approx. 2:00am) we arrived at Katowice airport to be welcomed by some dedicated people who were to take us to our accommodation 1.5 hours away. Janice had slept a bit on the plane and so was keen to continue her restful state by lying down on the back seat of the van whilst we travelled. Soon after heading off we realised that the drive was not going to be a smooth one.

Janice found this out the hard way! Our driver was approaching the vehicle ahead of us a bit too quickly in relation to the speed that the other car was going. He realised a bit too late that we were travelling too fast and immediately applied the brakes. We were all jerked forward and behind me I heard a thump behind me. I looked around to see Janice lying on the floor and struggling to get back up onto the seat without anyone noticing. Realising that I had seen her unfortunate landing her initial reply was “That is NOT going on the blog”. But as to all stories of our adventures – it is essential that all is revealed about our journey!

We eventually arrived safely at our accommodation at Ustron – Hotel Wilga. It was nice to get into bed and sleep for a couple of hours before daylight.

Whilst in Poland we are attending the International Teams Europe Conference from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday evening. So far it’s been great to meet people that are on the mission field from all around Europe. Hearing their stories and finding out about challenges they face as well as all the joys is exciting. There are 40 children also at the conference so it is very much a fun, family feel to it.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we are going for an outing to Autzwich which will be a real eye-opener. Before I came I made sure that I watched Schindler’s List to be more aware of what happened in Krakow and Autzwich – it’s a movie that I’ll never forget!