August Adventures – Izmir

Thursday 9th August

Izmir is on the east coast of Turkey, one hour flight from Istanbul and this is where we are for two nights staying with Dave and Ros Eaves from Sydney. Pris went to uni with Ros and I have met them as they work for a simialr company to mine sent out from Sydney.

Its been a mutually encouraging time chatting and then of course we had to do a girly shopping trip to the city market while Dave took their two children to swim. Yes its summer here and great to be enjoying clear heat.

Confession time – we got home and I had mislaid my glasses. Thinking hard I guessed I must have dropped them in the taxi home from the metro station. Ros with very impressive Turkish phoned the company and I was relieved to learn the glasses had been loctaed. I gladly paid the driver a second fare from the metro home as he delivered them back to me. I had already begun checking my insurance policy to see if I could make a claim!

Tomorrow we have a girls day out again. Ros is taking a days break away with us after a busy time with a team of 14 visiting them to work on the uni campus with them recently. We shall take a bus to Kusadasi a port city and leave our bags at a hotel before journeying to Ephesus for a tour with Ros as our guide.

Saturday we take a ferry to Samos then fly to Athens to vist with the Cottrell family. I am looking forward to offloading all the stuff we carried for them!

Enjoying the journey in every way.

Janice and Priscilla

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  1. As the people written of as living in Izmir, on ‘the east coast of Turkey’, we wish to disavow any responsibility for the geographical eccentricities espoused by the writer of this article:)

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