August Adventures – Greek goddesses

Saturday 11th August

Today we say farewell to Turkey and head on towards Greece.

We’ve made it to Greece and Priscilla is very happy to have another stamp in her passport and Jan is very thankful to still have two clear pages left!

Travelling by ferry we ventured on towards the Island of Samos. I was especially intrigued in our short visit to Samos as it was Pythagoras’ birthplace.

We had lunch in a Greek café – what do you have when you first come to Greece? A Greek Salad of course!

It was a lovely Greek café – with a roof covered with ‘real’ grapevines with grapes hanging down to create a beautiful relaxing atmosphere.

After lunch Janice spent the rest of the day lounging in comfort in the heat on a Greek Island. It was so relaxing and the view was spectacular looking out to the Agean Sea. Jan spent her time reading a novel, sitting in a seaside café relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere – the photo shown is the view that she had from her possie.

Priscilla spent her time wandering around the local shops – the tourist prices were noticeable in this area. In Australia I am always asked if I am of Greek origin… Whereas here, I am asked if I am of Arab origin!

Our time relaxing on a Greek Island was coming to a close in the afternoon as we headed towards the airport for our flight to Athens.