August Adventures – Ephesians for a day

Friday 10th August

Friday was our girl’s day out when with Ros we caught a bus from Izmir to Kusadasi and booked into a hotel with a pool! While two rested Jan swam.

Kusadasi is a tourist town full of Brits in full holiday mode and shops eager to lure them all in. WE focussed on walking on by to get a bus to Ephesus.

Ros acted as our tour guide with a book, which gave us all we needed to know. It was HOT so we proceeded slowly.

What an impressive place this is and of course thinking we were walking where the apostle Paul walked is amazing!

It’s hard to believe that the ruins are so well preserved and that there are constantly more being dug up.

Ephesus is full of history. It’s hard to get your mind around how old the structures are and the fact that many generations before you people lived there and walked the very streets that we walked down. It really makes you feel so much more connected to Biblical times and puts Paul’s missionary journeys in Acts much more real when reading through them.

We finished our historic journey through Ephesus by travelling back to the main road to catch the bus back to Kusadasi. We decided the most appropriate transport method back is via horse and cart.

Back at the hotel and it was time for more swimming to cool down before dinner. Dinner was had with a backdrop of a beautiful sunset on the harbour. It was a lovely relaxing and memorable day and a beautiful night to top it all off.