August Adventures – Auschwitz

Saturday 18th August

Went on an outing to Auschwitz today to visit the memorial and museum.

Auschwitz I – this is the building that contained the first crematorium and gas chamber. The crematorium functioned from August 1940 until July 1943.
Up to 340 corpses per day could be cremated here.
This was the smallest of 5 gas chambers.

Below is the gate to the Auscwitz II – Birkenau camp which was part of the main guardhouse. Prisoners referred to it as the “Gate of Death”

The Death Wall – The Schutz Staffel (SS) – “Protection Squads” shot several thousand prisoners here in 1941-1943.

The interior of a wooden barracks in the quarantine sector. You can see the wooden bunks that they had to sleep on – with straw as their mattress.
Hundreds of prisoners were crowded into each barracks.
An average of 5 people shared each bunk.