August Adventures – Athenian Adventurers

Monday 13th August

Now in Athens exploring more ancient ruins.

We caught public transport into Monistiraki and then walked up to Mars Hill. The climb up to the top of the hill was quite slippery and no guard rails so we were very careful once on top.

We then continued our sight seeing by walking to the Acropolis to see the Parthenon (pictured).

We arrived early (8.30am) to beat the heat of the day but we soon found out that thousands of others had the same idea!

We then browsed the Flea Market where Priscilla paid $5 Euro to have her Greek name written in Greek in Greece. Quite impressive!

On the way back we both navigated both the Metro and bus system to find our way back to the Cottrells. We bought an ‘integrated’ ticket ($1 Euro each) which meant that we had 1.5 hours to complete our travel on both transportation methods. We were successful in the quest.

The rest of the day was spent with the Cottrell family – Priscilla enjoyed doing puzzles with Harry, Mel and Emily whilst Jan caught up on emails and other work.

After dinner (more Greek salad!) we went down town again to visit the Guest House (used for short-term teams) and the ARC which is where the refugees come to collect food, clothing and to shower.

We then treated ourselves on this hot Athens evening to a wonderful ice cream feast at Ice Cream Mania. There we soooooo many flavours to choose from (30 in all).

One of the different aspects of Greece is that the pipes are thin – this has implications that we Australians take for granted. One of these implications is that all toilet paper is not to be flushed. Instead it is to be placed in bins provided. Janice eventually reached the 100% mark of remembering this minor detail on day 3 of our stay. Just in time before moving on to Poland!
Below is a sign that is displayed in th Cottrell’s toilet to serve as a reminder of what you will need to do if ever you forget to bin any paper!

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  1. Dear Priscilla and Janice,

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog! It seems like the two of you are having an absolutely amazing time – and you both look so summery. Back home, it’s been rather cold these past couple of days. I’m so glad the two of you are enjoying your journey and enjoying each other’s company. What a blessing you are to each other! I had some relos visit from China this week for about 3 days and Simon and I plus my other family have thoroughly enjoyed their company. A couple of them are actually currently residing in Adelaide and are about our age so when Sime and I visit Adelaide (and I really want to this year) maybe we’ll visit both his and my relos.

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